Hiring Conditions

Registered Charity No. 225842



The emergency lighting must be switched on and working during occupation.

The premises shall be conducted decently, soberly and in an orderly manner. No alcoholic liquor in any form shall be introduced to the premises except by prior approval of the committee and subject to the appropriate licence having been obtained. No person under the influence of alcohol shall be admitted to, or allowed to remain on the premises. Competent stewards will be available to enforce these requirements.

The premises will be left in a clean state fit for the next hirer. In particular, the kitchen sinks, worktops and the floor are to be cleaned after use. Any litter left after an event must be cleared away. If excess litter is left the hirer will be required to reimburse the committees cost of removal. We also ask that if the event is in the evening that all lights are turned off and Doors locked and the organizer leave via the Green Room door if unable to do so please contact the Caretaker.

Dogs, other than guide dogs for the blind, are not allowed on the premises.

It is not permitted to use gas appliances of any size or description on the premises.

Toys, electrical items and furniture may not be sold at any event.

Persons or organisations hiring the Hall are not allowed to mount other activities, such as car washing, within the precincts of the Hall or in the vicinity if they are serviced in any way from the Hall, unless prior approval of the committee has been obtained.

All organisations using the premises should, in their own interest, take out insurance cover on behalf of their property and members. Public liability insurance is provided at no cost to the hirer when the Hall is used for non commercial purposes. At all other functions where the general public are admitted, public liability cover should be obtained.

All hirers must inform the Caretaker of their requirements such as lay out of tables, chairs, etc, at least three days before the event.

If it is anticipated that the event will attract an excessive number of cars to the Village, the hirer must inform the police and liaise with them over traffic control. Local Police telephone number is 08451253545.

Organisations no longer requiring a booking to offer the date to another applicant on their own initiative. Bookings transferred without the agreement of the Booking Secretary will not be valid.

If a booking is cancelled less than three weeks before the date of the booking, then the full fee will be payable.


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