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Volunteer Vacancies

Currently we are looking for:

  • Trustees - be part of our management committee and to help move the hall forward to its 100th year.

Trustee Roles and Responsibilities

Charity trustees are the people who share ultimate responsibility for governing a charity.  

Their main duties are to:

  • ensure the charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit;
  • comply with the charity’s governing document and the law;
  • act in the charity’s best interests;
  • ensure the charity is accountable;
  • manage the charity’s resources responsibly; and
  • act with reasonable care and skill.

This involves attending meetings and making decisions within those meetings. Gaskell Hall trustees are also expected to assist in some fundraising ventures and make an active contribution to the running of the hall.

To be a trustee you must be over 18 years of age. Some people are disqualified from being charity trustees because of reasons including bankruptcy, being on the Sex Offenders’ Register or having an unspent criminal conviction.

More details about the role of charity trustees and reasons for disqualification can be found in The Essential Trustee on the Charity  Commission Website.

Committee roles

In addition to general trustee responsibilities, some trustees have specific roles on the committee. These positions are usually held for a period of 3-4 years.


Trustees with Specified Duties:

Booking Secretary

  • manages the bookings process, responding to enquiries by phone or email;
  • liaises with users, treasurer, and caretaker about bookings;
  • updates the electronic calendar of events, and creates a detailed monthly calendar for the treasurer and caretaker, a copy of which is displayed in the hall;
  • provides hirers with information about the hire of the hall and sends confirmations and reminders as appropriate;
  • maintains a file of all bookings.

Fundraiser / Events

This role could be split between two trustees, but the whole role is outlined below:

  • initiating and organising fundraising events at the Hall.
  • actively promoting Gaskell Hall events and activities to the local community through all media formats.
  • completion of grant applications on a large and small scale.


  • monitors the financial administration of the charity and reports to the board of trustees, in compliance with the governing document;
  • takes on some or all day-to-day financial duties, such as book-keeping, budgeting and preparation of reports/ returns, accounts and audits;
  • ensures the Charity Commission details are updated.


For further information about trustee roles and responsibilities, please email in the first instance.

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